Meet Your Trainers!

Meet Your TMPL3 Trainers! 

Gianna is an outgoing, outspoken, and ready to push you to your limits master trainer. She is our founder who is certified in personal training, pre & post-natal, corrective exercise, yoga instructor, holistic nutritionist, naturopath, life coach, CBT therapist, NLP master practitioner, Reiki teacher, meditation teacher, manifest & spiritual coach. With over 10 years of training experience, she has created online & virtual programs, in person training programs, and worked with many people on their spiritual journey. She spends her time working with clients, relaxing with loved ones, competitively bodybuilding, & with her dogs as she's a big time fur mom!

Chloe is a passionate personal trainer and online coach with a background in sports, ballet, kickboxing, yoga, and competitive bodybuilding. She helps her clients achieve their fitness goals by creating sustainable training & nutrition plans that lead to life long success. She will help you realize your strength not just physically, but mentally as well— focusing on elevating in all areas of your life. When she is not in the studio, she enjoys spending time with her fur baby & loved ones, and discovering the best coffee shops & restaurants as she is a big time foodie!


Maggie is a mom of three, an educator, bodybuilder, expert trainer, & nutrition coach.
She is passionate about fitness and helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. With over seven years of experience as a certified personal trainer, she is committed to guiding and supporting you on your journey towards optimal health. She offers nutritional programs and supplement guidance in creating a program that is effective for you. 

“Let’s work together to create a personalized plan and make lasting changes.”



Susy is a fun & motivating trainer pulling out your strengths in her dynamic workouts! She is an expert trainer in corrective exercise, developing strength, an expert conditioning coach, nutritionist, & spiritual coach. She helps her clients build lean body mass safe & effectively without setbacks or plateaus. She works with all fitness levels to optimize results & goals. She goes the extra mile with her coaching to ensure all aspects of health & wellness are met through their plans. Susy heads all of the bootcamps at TMPL3 and loves to constantly enhance and challenge client's programs! She is an avid reader, big time fur mommy, and loves to spend time with her loved ones.

These strong-willed women are a powerhouse of results, with pages of positive testimonies! Gain control of your life in more than one way. Learn how to train properly, eat for your goals, and find peace and alignment in your day to day.

Generate the Mind, Body, Spirit connection & enjoy your fitness journey! Email us today to get started on a program!