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TMPL3 Studio

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*2 plans available*

•12 week shred 
• lifestyle 
The 12 wk shred is a more restricted diet that gets you shredded up while maintaining muscle mass.

The month to month lifestyle diet is more relaxed and helps you tone up your body, while maintaining and building muscle mass. Teaching you how to eat at the right times, what foods you can incorporate to build and hold onto muscle without gaining excess fat.

Each comes with nutritional plan, online workout guide with specific workouts put together to build off of the muscles worked, supplement list and email support to answer questions & keep you on track. They are personalized specifically for you and done by our owner Gianna & head trainer Susy. Both are a certified nutritionist, naturopath, master trainers & bodybuilders.

It is required to submit check in photos front & back bi-weekly on Sunday and diet changes will be made on Monday and emailed if needed. 

You’ll receive a cardio and workout plan & your supplement list. Your supplement list is done to balance your hormones, keep your immunity high, effectively utilize the nutrients your consuming, increase oxygen production in your body, digest foods properly, enhance fat disposition and build lean muscle properly. 
Plans are directly tailored specifically for you and your body so it’s important to learn how your body digests certain foods and utilizes them. 
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