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TMPL3 Studio

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Get a fully personalized workout and meal plan tailored to your fitness goals. Progress tracking gets easier when you log your daily workout, record meals, update your check-ins and connect your fitness band & health kit, and get real-time updates via advanced analytical tools. Everything that contributes to your fitness goals gets captured in one place. To top it all, use the inbuilt 1-1 chat feature to have all your queries addressed on the go. You deserve to be the best. That's why TMPL3 STRONG has packed so many features in a single app to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Start your journey today!

Features that will help you achieve your fitness goals include:
* Personalized Workout Plan: Get a fully
personalized fitness plan tailored to your goals, whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, gain muscles, or simply wish to work on your general fitness.
* Nutrition, Hydration & Habits: Access meal plans assigned by your coach and log your food intake to keep a close track of your calorie intake and macros. You can also track your hydration,steps and calories burnt on the app.
* Instant messaging & video calls - Message your coach in real-time and schedule video sessions directly from the app. Stay connected with your coach to improve compliance and get better results.
* Check-ins: Gain complete insight into your overall performance with easy check-ins and real-time updates.
* Progress: Stay on top of your progress with powerful analytics.
* Wearable integration: Get the bigger picture of your progress by connecting your fitness band & health kit thereby enabling real-time updates.


1. Download the app in the app store " TMPL3 STRONG"

2. Select a program or complete the onboarding and message Gianna with the in app messaging feature to discover a plan that works best for you!

3. On the web version -



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