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TMPL3 Studio

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Your spiritual sidekick! Pour beautiful vibrations into your crystal infused canteen & absorb all of the good vibes of love, healing, prosperity, and alignment. Each canteen is BPA free, bamboo top and bottom, shatterproof, leakproof, & come with a neoprene carrying case to keep drinks warm or cold. 

Our crystal infused water canteen integrates healing energy. Crystals work on a molecular and vibrational level. It transfers the properties of crystals into the water, Water is very energy charged and has the power to stimulate and sooth our minds and emotions,

Crystal water canteens improve our spiritual well being, generates a positive state of mind, and a meaningful life. It has a positive effect on our physical health as it brings tranquility & healthy radiant skin.


  • Rose quartz- Reduce stress, lower tension in your heart, improve blood circulation, boost neuron connectivity. Manifest love.
  • Green Fluorite - Balance energy, strengthen immune system, cell regeneration. Manifest abundance. 


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